Tailor-made and individually adaptable cloud - an intuitive, communicative and user-friendly solution of all ages, which is specially tailored to future requirements, web and app-based (laptop, tablet, smartphone). Large storage facility with no hurdles. Share files, photos, and more online.
Your data must also remain your data - cloud according to DSVGO, for us of course “top priority” when it comes to data security in our clouds. We only host your cloud in a German data center. Thanks to our first-class experience in the cloud area, our cloud servers achieve high performance and a very high level of security. All data that you save with us is encrypted again on the server so that only you have access to the data.
Our backups are also encrypted again.
You have full control over your data. Of course, you can also easily decide which features you would like to use with your cloud. In addition to file storage, calendar, database and address book, there is also a video conference solution in the browser. You can use many additional applications such as Messenger, E-Mail, Dashboard and many more. Activate, deactivate or even restrict to groups individually depending on your needs and those of your users. With our cloud server you have full control and a smooth, communicative, facilitating way of working for the transfer of your data.
Support integrates all customer interactions in one place, which also enables seamless, transparent and efficient communication. That increases satisfaction.